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Our Services 

Free Electronics/IT Recycling Service

When it comes to discarding out-of-service and obsolete electronics, it is essential for you to have safeguards in place to avoid improper disposal methods.

Data Center Decommissioning

Companies are currently downsizing, consolidating their data center infrastructure, or migrating everything over to the cloud. This takes extensive planning and coordinating.

Maximizing Return For Our Clients

We give our clients a maximum return on investment (ROI) by placing a premium on current and trailing-edge technology.

IT Asset Management & Disposition

We can provide a value add-on for our clients, providing you with an investment return on your IT equipment.

Reverse Logistics & Redeployment

We can assist original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and retailers with repairing and recycling of defective electronics and customer returns.

Media Sanitization & Data Destruction

Our Data Destruction Program meets all NIST-800-88r1, NSA guidelines, and NAID guidelines. We do hard drive data sanitization, shredding, magnetic media.


Our Process

The First Phase: Determine How Clients Want to Dispose Their Old IT Equipment
The Second Phase: Pick Up/Drop Off
The Third Phase: Sort, Scan, Serialize
Phase 4: Repair & Refurbish
Phase 5: Recycle, Remarket, Redeploy


Responsible Electronic Recycling

When it comes to discarding out of service and obsolete electronics, it is essential you have safeguards in place to avoid improper disposal methods that could lead to a possible data breach, possible fines, illegal exporting and landfilling. Protecting your reputation, brand, and the environment.

BPAI LLC can keep you in compliance, providing responsible electronic recycling and secure data destruction services, keeping electronics out of the landfills and sanitizing any data containing equipment.


IT Asset Management and Disposition


End-of-life electronics hold more value than many people realize. Recovery, a word often used to describe this process, has two completely different meanings: parts and raw materials. Parts recovery involves salvaging functioning components from otherwise non-working electronics and using them to create a whole new product. This product can then be given a second life on the market. Raw material recovery refers to plastics, glass, and precious metals that can be sold back to manufacturers for the production of other products, thus reducing the need for raw materials mining. This process returns even more value to customers.

Parts Harvesting

Our team of expert technicians maximize the value recovered from the IT assets. We believe that, whenever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for end-of-life electronics. All equipment is tested to determine if parts are functioning and can be reused. We make sure that any data-containing components are sanitized. By reusing parts and re-marketing whole products, we maximize the return on your IT assets and also provide new value for old products.

Responsible Recycling

When electronics are not repairable or obsolete, they are de-manufactured and all the circuitry and other components are removed and cleaned and sorted. Items are then consolidated and shipped to our approved R2 certified downstream vendor where material is shredded/smelted and turned into new material. By keeping electronics out of the landfills we are preventing hazardous waste including heavy metals and carcinogens, from entering the atmosphere, landfill or waterways.

Verifiable Audit Trail

We understand the importance of managing our clients inventory and ensuring that every asset is accurately accounted for throughout the process. We provide inventory scanning and verification of IT assets and media through an Asset Audit report, Certificates of Recycling and Data Sanitization. Conforming with the highest standards in the industry.

Complete Chain-of-Custody

Our staff manages all our client’s assets from pick up location to our secure facility. We guarantee secure chain-of-custody, providing security from cradle to grave. Furthermore, our secure transport vehicles are equipped with GPS-tracking devices, enabling us to provide full accountability.

Asset Purchasing

Some companies out of service equipment may still be eligible for resale. Providing your company an additional source of revenue.

Focus on Results

It’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want our process to work for you.


Advantages of Working with BPAI LLC

Our Facility

We have a 110,000 square foot facility, that has 65 cameras operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Environmental Effect

We adhere to a ZERO Landfill Policy. 


BPAI has been in business over 30+ years. Our sales team and technical team has a combined 150+ years of experience!

Maximized Returns

Our goal is to maximize the returns for all of our clients. Whether that is fiscally or environmentally, when clients are looking to get rid of surplus IT Equipment.

Footprint in the Community

BPAI is one of the largest Electronics Recycling companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 

Customer Service

We want it to be a seamless experience for our clients, from the pickup to the disposal and redeployment. 


Equipment we accept

Servers & Data Storage

Enterprise/workgroup/mid-range/entry level servers/ HD storage arrays, memory, AIT/DAT/DLT/LTO tape drives, Magneto-Optical drives, Hard Drives, controllers, etc.

Networking Equipment

Routers, switches, hubs, DSL & IP telephony, CSU, DSU, Mux, modems, channel banks, T1-T3, fibre optics, Datacom, Firewall/VPN, Racks/Cabinets, Network Analyzers, etc.

Consumer Electronics

Any manufacturer. Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, PDAs, Cellphones, Telephone systems, computers, monitors, etc.

Power Supplies & UPS

AC/DC power, back-up batteries, etc.

Printers & Copiers

Laser, dot matrix, thermal, receipt, Point-Of-Sale, line, inkjet, color & monochrome copiers, etc

Audio / Video

LED/LCD/DLP Projectors, LCD & Plasma displays, video & digital cameras, Audio Switches, Presentation Equipment, Projector Bulbs & Lenses, Video Decks, Video Switches, etc.

Test Equipment

Oscilloscopes, DC Electronic Loads, Digital Multimeters / Voltmeters, Frequency Counters, RFI / EMI Equipment, Signal & Analyzers, Standards & Calibration Equipment, Signal generators, gas leak detectors, etc.

Lab & Medical

Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Centrifuges, Chillers, ECG & EKG, Microscopes, Ovens, Patient Monitors & Defibrillators, Refrigerators, Spectrometer & Spectrophotometer, X-Ray


Industries We Work With

Public & Private Business
Financial Sector
IT Sector
Public & Private Business

Our experience working with large corporations in many industries means we know exactly what it takes to design and implement a large-scale lifecycle program.

Financial Sector
IT Sector

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